A 1200 sqft private Poolside Audio Oasis only 15 minutes from Manhattan NYC.

Vintage AKG C24 Mic

One of the only 800 AKG C24's ever made. The C24 is essentially two C12's in one body!

JML Studios Control Room

Featuring 16 tie-line channels of audio to the live room, Amphion Monitors with mint NS-10's, API, Neve, Chandler, UA X series , 1/2" Tape Mastering, Chandler, and a very inspiring mic locker

Heated In-Ground Pool

JML Studios is your own private oasis 15 min from Port Authority, Manhattan. The brand new 30K gallon in-ground, heated mountain lake pool is an incredible way to get out of your head and into your work. Includes Patio & BBQ.

RIAA Certified

Joshua Lutz has multiple gold and platinum credits and has worked with artists such as Lil Wayne, Al Green, Maroon 5 and more.

70's Ludwig Maple Classic

9-peice kit with half dozen snares , percussion and toys to experiment with.

Desk Rack (Left Side)

500 series racks (left side) filled with top tier equipment. Handy 3 row Patch bay (which has tile room re-amp and EMS plate in attic) makes creativity effortless.

Desk Rack (Right Side)

We just upgraded to the new UA Apollo X16 with 10 DSP chips!

Synth Station

Matrix-12, Juno-106, Moog Voyager, Juno DS, JML-20, Oberheim Matrix1000, Roland tons of outboard desktop synths and more! We also have a ton of softsynth.

Handmade Synthesizers

The JML-20 is a handmade synth I built based on the MS-20 with built in analog delay and envelope filters. The Lutz Oscillation box is a drone breadboard box build that sounds killer on a track.

Pultec and Tubetech

A Stereo Mastering Suite made in heaven that rivals the very best in the world, right here at JML Studios

Fender Rhodes

A '73 Fully Restored Fender Rhodes and a '65 Restored Vox Continental all through a genuine Leslie Cab, powered by a '63 Bandmaster head!

JML Studios Satin Bomber Jackets

Limited Satin Bomber Jackets now in stock for 2024 - SM, MD, LG - $195

Secret Garden

Next to the heated pool is a manicured hidden secret garden where you can meditate and refocus during a session.


With a collection of over 150 standard and eclectic musical instruments, JML Studios can do what the biggest scoring house can do... and more.

Technics 1200MKII Turntables

"What's better than 1200's for scratching and sampling? Uhhh... nothing." - Every DJ Ever

1977 Ludwig Maple Classic 9 Peice

All A or K Custom crashes and a pair of killer 14" Zildjian K dark Highhats, this drumkit is one of the best all around utility studio kits ever made (w/ over a dozen snares).

JML Studios Tablas

Handmade and purchased from a boutique shop on the streets of Deli in India. We have hundreds of instruments from around the world.

Custom Sidecar

We recently purchased a custom built 1950's 16-channel analog sidecar console available for even further tonal landscapes available upon request.

Private Lounge

Includes an eight foot 5.1 surround sound projector screen for listening to references and an arcade.

Brass and Woodwinds

How's your sax life these days? Come get you some at JML Studios.

Neumann U67

Straight out of the 1960's, one of the greatest microphones ever made... in flawless ORIGINAL condition.

Roland Space Echo

Send your music through space and time with this classic effects box, or any one of our 6 tape delays including Binson Echorec 2T7E

Neve 33609C

Our vintage Neve 33609C compressor is rivaled only by our Tubetech buss comp. We have every tool a creative pro needs.

Otari MX-5050 MKII

1/4" tape mastering tape from Otari. Works great as a slapback too. Stops on a dime and is well tuned just for you.

Mic Locker

JML Studios has vintage U67's, U47, KM84's, 1967 AKG C24, Altec 639B, Reslos, Lomos, Beyers and more. Whatever sound you're looking for, we have it.

2-Leaf Construction

Our build features 4 rooms with tie-lines throughout and a GreenGlue 2-Leaf CMS system with floating isolation channels. Designed by Joshua and Mark Lutz.

Diffusion and Absorption

JML Studios was painstakingly designed and tuned to provide optimal tracking and mixing for any type of audio recording.

Arcade Lounge

JML Studios Features a custom arcade with over 7,700 classic arcade games to chill and unwind with... after the poolside BBQ of course.

Classical Instruments

We have cellos, violins, Merlins, harpsichords, an Ehru and much more.

Stereo Shell Microphones

Water, sound and light are all scientifically proven to change on a cellular level when spun through the golden ratios of conch shells. Come hear the difference for yourself.

Stereo Collins

Over 90db of gain per side, this stereo configuration of microphone preamps surpasses pecs of RCA OP-6 and others.

Guitar Pedals

We love using our pedal collection on synth, vocals, drums, bass, just about everything! Inspiration is in abundance at JML Studios.

Equipment from CBS

Ampex 440 1/4" reel to reel vintage tape machine pulled from 30th Street Manhattan's CBS Studios

Neumann u47

A perfect (cardiod only) clone of the world's most legendary microphone ever built.

Fender Twin Reverb

We have both a vintage silver and black faced Fender Twin in our live room!

Ampeg B15

The Fliptop B15 has long since been the holy grail of bass amps and ours is freshly restored and further isolated to perform better than any others around.

RCA 44BX and Altec Birdcage

What's cooler than an Altec Birdcage, a pair of RCA 44BX's and a U47? Not much!

Neumann KM84 Mics

We have over 100 microphones in house such as these killer vintage KM84's!

My Son Runs Things

my tween-ager son Josh Jr is one of the best drummers I know... and can skate like a boss! I should know, I just broke my wrist at the skatepark with him this week ūüėČ Love you kid...

Shane E. Young

Vintage broadcast consoles make for some of the best modified sidecars money can buy. Just ask Gates, Colling, RCA and Shane!

JML Studios Hoodies

All shirts and hoodies are available in 4 sizes. Hoodies: $48 Shirts $20


All shirts and hoodies are available in 4 sizes. Hoodies: $48 Shirts $20


Private Entrance, Private Bathroom, Private Studios and a Private Heated Pool where you can work at your own pace. We’re just 15 minutes from Port Authority, Manhattan NY!

Take a quiet comfortable NJT charter bus to our door and relax by our 30,000 gallon heated in-ground pool and unwind in our theater room with 5.1 surround sound and classic arcade machines featuring over 7,300 games.

We have over 3 dozen stringed instruments, a vast collection of microphones & outboard gear and have recently upgraded to the latest UA Apollo X series interfaces featuring ten UA DSP processors in total. We have 32 inputs, each with its’ own dedicated outboard preamp, EQ and dynamics section.

We have everything you’d expect from a top tier recording studio such as API, Neve, Chandler, Moog, SSL, Gates, Ampex, Otari, Roland, Yamaha, Gefell, Neumann, AKG and more. Our ITB system features over 250 licensed plugins and our monster iMac has 64GB of ram and a raid of external Glyph drives!


Last updated February 2024

I competed many of the following certifications at The Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences in AZ, 2004-2006

conservatory of recording arts and sciences

Pro Tools Certification
Reason Certification
Melodyne Certification
Auto-Tune Certification
Smaart Certification
T.C. Electronic M3000 Certification
T.C. Electronic S6000 Certification
Waves Certification
L-Acoustics Kudo Certification
L-Acoustics Sound Vision Certification
Venue D Show Certification
Studer Vista Certification
Roland V-Mixer

SSL E and G+ Certification

1970 AKG C24 (Stereo C12 Tube Mic)

Neumann U67 with vintage Mullard tube

1970’s Neumann KM84 (x2)

AEA44 Ribbon

Altec 639 Ribbon

Pair of AKG C451EB’s

Elam 251 Multi-pattern Tube Mic

Neumann U47 (Cardiod Only FET Clone)

Lomo KMKE9 Tube Mic with AEG mod and original CKBK  capsule

Beyerdynamic M160

Beyerdynamic M130

Beyerdynamic M201

Beyerdynamic M69N (x2)

Sony C-38 Multi-pattern FET

Sennheiser MD441


Wetzel Liepzig 08 (Early Nuemann UM57 Tube Mic)

Reslo RBT Ribbon Mics x4

Altec 654A Dynamic Mics x6

Octava MK-012 Michael Joly modified (x2)

Electrovoice ND408B x2

Pair of Shure SM81 Small Diagram Mics

Shure SM7B

Shure Beta87

Rode NT1A

Octava MA78 x2

Audio Technica AT4045

Audio Technica 4047MP

Electrovoice 630

Modified MXL 900(x2) 991(x2) 663 (x1)

Sm57s & 58s (and other assorted dynamics)

Assorted Drum mics

1989 Neve 33609C Buss Compressor

Teletronics UA LA-2A

Stereo Pultec EQ with Elcor Transformer

Stereo Tube-Tech CL2A Compressor (stepped recall modified)

Pair of RS124 Modified Altec 436C’s

Pair of Modified CBS Audimax & Stereo Volumax Compressors

Eventide H910

Lexicon PCM90

Racked Channel Strips from Studer, Quad Eight, Neumann, Telefunken Neve, Otari, BAEG, Lomo and more. This rack is called the “Crayon Box.”

Pair of UA Blue Stripe 1176’s

Dozens of racked synth modules such as Prophet 12, Prophet, Oberheim, Waldorf, etc

Two 500 series lunchboxes with Moog ladderfilter, API 512C’s, Neve 1073 preamp and EQ pairs, SSL pre pair, etc

Pair of Modified Altec 5891A’s

Upgraded Universal Audio 6176

Universal Audio Apollo x16

Vintage Neumann Danner EQ’s

Restored and Modified Gates Dynamote Mic Pre (x2: 1950 and 1957)

Dolby 361a Vocalstressor

Pultec EQP5 Passive EQ’s (x2) – 500 series

Eventide DSP4000

Oberheim Matrix1000

Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor (x2)

SSL 4000 Buss Compressor

UREI LA-22 Buss Compressor

Roland Tape Space Echo RE-301

Vintage Binson Echorec 2T7E

Maestro Echoplex EP-3

Ampex 601 Mic Pre (modified w/phantom power) x4

Eventide DSP4000

Eventide H9 Max

Ensoniq DP/4

Modified and Restored Vintage Collins Field Mixer

Gates MO-3777 modified with phantom power

DBX 162 Compressor

Dangerous Music Bax EQ

Urei 546 Stereo EQ

Chandler EMI TG1

RSE VMU-1 Mastering Compressor

Opamp Labs Mono Tilt Limiter EQ

Oberheim GM1000

Otari MX-5050MKII 1/4″ R2R Tape Machine

1972 Aims tube guitar cabinet (16 tube head 100 watt RMS) 4×10’s

1975 Silverpanel Fender Twin

1979 Fender Twin Blackpanel

Ampeg BA-112 bass cab

1968 Ampeg B15 Fliptop

Vintage Magnatone (Stereo Version!)

Harmony H303 with upgraded 8″ Jensen Vintage speaker

Vintage Roland Re-301 Space Echo

2 Full PA rehearsal PA systems

Assorted rehearsal amps

Over 100 boutique guitar and bass pedals including Mutrons, all the Strymons and Eventides, vintage EHX big bodies, a Klon, Ambelec 2B, etc (too many to list…)

I am also a pedal builder and have a line of pedals I make and sell on Reverb.com HERE.

UAD EMT Plates

WAVS Manny Marroquin & Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series

WAVS Gold Bundle

WAVS S1 Stereo Imager

1176LN and SE Legacy Classic Limiting Amplifiers
Ampex¬ģ ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder
Fairchild Plug-In Bundle for UAD-2
Precision Enhancer Hz and Precision Mix Rack Collection
Pultec EQP-1A Legacy and Pultec Pro EQ Legacy
RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler Reverb
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Softube Amp Room Half-Stack Plug-In for UAD-2
Softube Bass Amp Room 8×10 Plug-In for UAD-2
Teletronix¬ģ LA-2A Legacy Classic Leveling Amplifier
Teletronix¬ģ LA-2A Leveler Collection
UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ Plug-In for UAD-2


1967 MARTIN D-18

Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul

Klira Jazzmaster

Gibson ES335 Cherry

Hofner Bass

1890 HC Barnes OO Parlor Guitar

2010 Modified White American Stratocaster Deluxe

1956 Danelectro U2 Electric Guitar

Custom Blonde Fender American Telecaster

Gretsch G5422TG White Falcon

Gretsch 5022CWFE WH Whitecrest Acoustic with Fishman

1959 Patrician F-Hole hollow body

Regal Resonator Guitar

1963 Fender Reissue Natural Blonde Precision Bass

Yamaha CG100A Classical Guitar


1921 Gibson A1 Mandolin

R.W. Jameson Banjo

10 String Lyre (King Davids Harp)

Vintage Slide Guitar (lapsteel)

MU-70 Mitchell Ukulele

Seagull Mahogany SG Merlin

DunHuang SMPH Chinese Ehru


Gilanti full size accordian, Massive collection of percussion / instruments such as Kalimbas, Ehru, Accordions, Zithers, Bongos, Guerros etc.

1973 Fender Rhodes with Vintage Vibe stereo Preamp

1960’s restored Vox Continental Organ

Roland DS61 61 key piano

Leslie rotary cabinet


Need to get your music out there? In addition to branding, marketing and web design, Lutz Multimedia LLC  also offers publishing and distribution services too. We can help you get your music published and have a partnership with Paradise Music Distribution, iTunes and Spotify.


Our rates couldn’t be simpler, or more reasonable.

Day Rate (8 Hr Min) : $125/hr¬† –¬† Includes engineer/producer JML

Hourly Rate (4 Hr Min) : $125/hr¬† –¬† Includes engineer/producer JML

* Sessions less than the 4 hour minimum are subject to a $500 Half Day Rate.

* Digital Delivery of final product is included.


Studio owner Joshua Lutz plays over 45 musical instruments, holds a conservatory degree and has multiple certified RIAA credits. He has worked with artists such as DMX, Maroon 5, Joss Stone, D’Angelo, Guns N’ Roses, Roc Marcy, Lil Wayne, Chamillionaire, Al Green, The Roots and more. Most recently JML was the audio consultant for the 2024 Bob Dylan bioptic film “A Complete Unknown” with Timothee Chalamet. He has produced over 1000 songs and knows his way in and around a studio. He is a prominent NYC visual artist as well. No matter how big or small the project, each artist is treated as if their art is the most important work we’ve ever done… because it is. This is our guarantee to you and our community.

JML Studios is a subsidiary of Lutz Multimedia LLC and BMI MUSIC

Other creative services include top tier web and graphic design, marketing, videography / photography and more!

Click below to check out the other side of our company:

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