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I worked directly with DMX at Saltmine Studios in Phoenix Arizona on the Year Of The Dog LP. DMX went on to make Saltmine his home away from home after this record was released where I got to spend an entire year working with him.

I hung out with and engineered a few songs on this record with Lil Wayne and even pitched Young Money a few beats I had made, one of which they loved and ended up using in the studio session I assisted on at Electric Lady Studios in the A Room!

Working with members of Aventura and Romeo Santos's camp in Queens and NJ, Luciano and I have worked closely on many songs and marketing projects for his amazing blend of Bachata, Reggaeton and Pop music.

I was GA on this second RCA record helping with patchbay, recall, session setup and general assistant duties. This album reached #69 on the top 200 Billboard charts that year. I also assisted a little on some live mixes being done around this time.

I assisted in a range of general assistant duties on this Guns N' Roses release at Electric Lady Studios with Bucket Head. I knew Axel Rose from previous hip hop sessions with iconic Producer Scott Free.

This record was recorded at a recording studio where I was working. At that time, I was tasked to run a series of showcases and to run the listening parties for A&M records prior to the release.

My favorite memory of this session was getting to set up and tune Questlove's drumset before he'd come into the studio. Al is a true professional and showed up every day in a suit looking as sharp as ever.

Philip Glass's team hired me to tour Snny's debut release on Glassnote records in 2017-2018. Check out the video we made together here, shot on 35mm downtown NYC:

Not only was I the assistant engineer on this recording but I can be heard speaking on the album's single track, "Guns Draw." Click to listen:

I designed much of the artwork for this album as it was being recorded at Electric Lady Studios in NYC where I worked at the time. I am pictured painting on the back and throughout the jacket.

My friend Ben Kane (Electric Garden Studios, Brooklyn, NY) won a Grammy in 2019 for this incredible comeback record. I assisted Ben and D'Angelo on this record for only a couple weeks but had an incredible time doing so.

I worked with Chamillionaire in 2009 on a follow up EP after "Drivin' Dirty" shook the billboard charts in 2005. A favorite memory is drawing graffiti together up in the studio, this is a really cool artist to have worked with.

James recorded his follow up LP at many different studios throughout 2008-2010, some of which were tracked at Electric Lady Studios where I worked. I was fortunate to be brought into this session as G.A.

I worked with J. Lo as a meager GA in this session at Electric Lady's Studio C room. A favorite memory is seeing all her creative sharpie doodles all over the board tape, a truly creative woman in every sense!

While working for legendary engineer Christos Tsantilis, I assisted Christos for none other than legendary producer Scott Free. Axel Rose would often drop by these sessions and hang, telling me profound stories of his tumultuous childhood.

Russel Elevado was kind enough to show me the ropes of film scoring on this groundbreaking soundtrack mix. This was the first real score I worked on and seeing Russel's name in the film credits was a very special moment for me indeed.

Amarachi and I have worked on many projects from songwriting to performances and brand development. She's a total pro in every way.

I played guitar on this album for the Brooklyn based band "3 Thousand Rivers" as a session musician and played dozens of shows with them. Check it out:


JML has worked extensively with Broadway such as recording Broadway Star Tamar Green Hamilton (King George) at JML Studios.


For me, life only consists of two parts; creating art and waiting to create more art.

Hire me for your next session project!



Graphic Design
Web Design

"Woman In Mask"

Artwork, Illustration

"Woman In Mask" graphite drawing by Joshua Lutz | A great example of the creativity that we pour into each and every project.

Joss Stone

Graphic Design, Artwork, Illustration

Joshua Lutz worked directly with Grammy winning artist Joss Stone to design the album artwork for the LP "Introducing Joss Stone" featuring Aretha Franklin, Common and Lauren Hill.


UnPoverty Website

Web Design

We built this philanthropic website in 2023 to promote the incredible book "UnPoverty"


Lawfirm Website

web design

Completed in October 2023, the Chip Forstall Lawfirm website is a cutting edge WordPress site we built for New Orleans #1 firm!


Performance Photography


Shot in Mexico City, Mexico | Shot and edited by Joshua Lutz

"Leaving Home"

Artwork, Illustration

24" x 16" Graphite on paper drawing by Joshua Lutz drawn the year before he left Chicago for Conservatory in Arizona, never to return home again.

Susie Carder Website

Web Design

A 21 page modern website and rebrand for high profile client. Susie is a powerhouse entrepreneur, speaker and author who was a pleasure to work for!


Kerly Music Product Packaging

Graphic Design

Box Design and layout by Lutz Multimedia for Kerly Music Co. | We also did a lot of their promo materials, branding and website build!

Dr Pet MD

Web Design

Dynamic and highly responsive Web Site Design for recent client. We all loved all the unique CSS and styling in the finished design!


"Jazz Up In The Sky"

Graphic Design

Gala Flyer and website build for UAM's annual Rooftop NYC Fundraiser "JAZZ UP IN THE SKY" | We also designed and delivered a monthly newsletter for UAM, every month for 8 years, without a single late delivery.

"The Desert"


41" x 31" | "Multimedia Acrylic base, pencil and archival ink drawing with transparency film" Painting of NYC in desert colors and desert foliage on transparency overlay and hole punched lettering by Joshua Lutz

WMC Jazz Website

Web Design

Web Site deigned and developed by Lutz Multimedia for WMC Jazz in Brooklyn. We were able to build the entire site in less than three weeks!


Three Hands and a Cigarette


31" x 41" Acrylic Painting of a "Woman with three hands, someone else is smoking" by Joshua Lutz

Event Flyer Design

Graphic Design

We love to use ZaxWorx 3D Software! One of our favorite ways to make 100% CUSTOM 3D Lettering that separates us from our competitors.

Ny Custom Woodworking

Web Design

A clean and efficient website we made for our friends at NYCW



Artwork, Illustration

Graphite drawing of Madonna self titled LP cover by Joshua Lutz in graphite pencil

ND Labs Website

Web Design

One of our favorite online retail store website builds we've done. A great example of our eCommerce capabilities. Click to link!

Praetorian Group

Web Design

Joshua Lutz served as Creative Director as well as Web Administrator for crypto currency pioneers, "The Praetorian Group" from 2017-2019. The company was featured on CNN, NY1 and in hundreds of news cycles for being the very first coin to file an S1 filing with the United States SEC.

Kevin Lustrup Art Gallery Website

Web Design

A modern gallery website and rebrand for an incredibly talented Chicago based artist named Kevin Lustrup.


Myan Dance Performance


Shot by Joshua Lutz in Mexico City

"Perspectives in Graphite"

Artwork, Illustration

A Fun Etudal drawing experiment: "Warping multiple image perspectives together" in graphite pencil by Joshua Lutz

Prisoner Of Hope TV Website

Web Design

We were hired to build a website for A&E Star Monalisa Johnson for her own TV Show titled Prisoner Of Hope

Visit The Site

Paula Garcés - Harold & Kumar


Shot by Joshua Lutz at the Paula Garcés birthday party step and repeat 2019

Food Photogrpahy


Overhead promo shot by Joshua Lutz for meal prep company "Dreambody Cuisine" in NYC. We ended up working for them for over a decade and re-built their website three times over the years!



Artwork, Illustration

41" x 31" Model | Graphite Pencil portrait drawing by Joshua Lutz

"Sweet 16"


Joshua Lutz Photography from sweet 16 birthday event for private client

"Mother Of Life"


"Mother Of Life" 6'x 4' Multimedia Painting by Joshua Lutz includes clippings of early 19th century New York Newspapers

Animal Photography


Shot at the Bronx Zoo | Photo and Editing by Joshua Lutz

Event Photography


Shot by Joshua Lutz @ The "Knitting Factory"



Here's a bike we built from scratch and then shot in our photo studio to promote the brand. It was in three magazines and sold privately on our other website


"The Beatles"

Artwork, Illustration

Graphite Pencil Drawing by Joshua Lutz of two Beatles passed and two living (2019)

Shifu Master


Photography Client: Dreambody Fitness Inc. | Shot and edited by Joshua Lutz

Fitness Model


Client: Dreambody Fitness | Photoshoot and editing by Joshua Lutz

Rusty Ol' Tricycle


Shot dwntown PA on a DSLR walkabout by Joshua Lutz

Home in PA


Shot on my trusty Nikon downton PA in 2016. I just love this little home in the heart of the city! Shot & Edited by Joshua Lutz.

Graphite Portrait Drawing

Artwork, Illustration

Perfume Model 22" x 16' Graphite drawing by Joshua Lutz

Neighborhood Coalition Web Site

Web Design

Web Design by Lutz Multimedia for Neighborhood Coalition of NYC

Lift Every Voice Web Site

Web Design

Website for Library Of America (LOA) by Joshua Lutz in partnership with Gage Hunt Creative


Aztek Calendar

Artwork, Illustration

Hand Drawn by Joshua Lutz - Graphite, Colored Pencil and Archival ink

APCS Website Design

When COVID-19 landed in America, the #1 sanitizing and cleaning agency APCS needed the very best website development agency in NYC so they hired us.

Visit The Site

Food Photography for Menu


Shot and edited by Joshua Lutz for a Queens based Meal Prep Service

Food Photography


Shot and Edited by Joshua Lutz for Queens based Meal Prep Company.

Food Photography


Overhead Shot and edited by Joshua Lutz for Queens based Meal Prep Company

Meal Prep Flyer Design

graphic design

Designed by Lutz Multimedia for meal prep company marketing campaign

Suppliments Photoshoot


Photo and Marketing Campaign by Lutz Multimedia for Gains Father Supplements, NYC

Marketing Flyer Design

Graphic Design

Designed by Lutz Multimedia for meal prep company USPS mass mailer campaign

Event Flyer Design

Graphic Design

Flyer designed by Lutz Multimedia for 3000 Rivers

The Getty Architecture


Shot on a Nikon DSLR by Joshua Lutz in LA at the Getty Museum

Poster Artwork by JML

Graphic Design

Poster Design by Joshua M Lutz for 3000 Rivers Event in NYC

AG Security WebSite

Web Design

Website & Logo design by Lutz Multimedia for AG Security Co.


Rye Racquet Club

Web Design

Web Site and Logo designed by Lutz Multimedia


Lovus Media Logo Design

Graphic Design

Logo Design by Lutz Multimedia for Lovus LLC

Invitation Flyer

Graphic Design

Baby Shower Invitation Flyer Design

Clubman Cycles

Web Design

Client: ClubmanCycles dot com. Motorcycle photo and website by Lutz Multimedia



Graphic Design

Leggings design mockup by Joshua Lutz for PIONEER CLOTHING LTD

Pop-Up Banner Design

Graphic Design

Pop-Up Marketing Banner by Lutz Multimedia for Craft Sale Event

NY Injury Law

Web Design

In 2022 Lutz Media was hired to create a stunning logo, website and branding campaign for NYC's #1 Injury Law firm. Expectations Exceeded!


Concert Flyer Design

Graphic Design

Designed by Joshua Lutz for an upcoming Concert Event in NYC

Headshot by JML


Shot @ Lutz Multimedia Photo Studio

Custom Die Cut Product Packaging

graphic design

Layout and Design by Lutz Media for Kerly Music Co.

Zeper Logo Design

Graphic Design

Zeper Logo Design by Lutz Multimedia


Graphic Design

Logo design by Lutz Multimedia for the School Of Visual And Audio Design

Brochure Design

Graphic Design

For Apricity CBD company

Custom Birthday Invitation

Graphic Design

Birthday invite flyer design by Lutz Multimedia

Brochure Design

Graphic Design

For Dr Steve Fox in Manhattan, NYC

Graffiti Works

Artwork, Illustration

A thumbnail collection of Commercial Graffiti work by Joshua Lutz

White Nike Painted Shoes

Graphic Design, Illustration, Artwork

by Joshua Lutz

GT Logo Design

Graphic Design, Illustration

Green Team Logo Design - We also did all their branding in 2017

Bennet Product Photography


Photoshoot by Joshua Lutz for Bennet Food Co. in Brooklyn, NY

Christmas Party Flyer

Graphic Design

Design by Lutz Multimedia for Queens Covenant Church

Retail Poster

Graphic Design

Designed by Joshua Lutz for Kerly Music Co.

MBM Logo Design

Graphic Design

Logo for MBM by Lutz Multimedia

"RADCAR" Poster

graphic design

When a client couldn't use Nascar branding, they hired Lutz Multimedia to create a poster of similar aesthetic

Simple Happy Hour Flyer

Graphic Design

A Clean and simple Happy Hour flyer for client Tio Pepe in Manhattan, NYC

Buisness Card Design

Graphic Design

Client: Online2Offline Productions in NYC

Record Label Logo

Graphic Design

Designed by Lutz Multimieda for Javelin Records NYC

TV Show Logo

Graphic Design

Client: Spinning the Globe TV Show

Logo and Website by Lutz Multimedia

Graphic Design

Logo, Brand and Website by Lutz Multimedia for the biggest Film/TV special effects company in the United States


Special Effect Company Website

Web Design

Logo and Website Design by Lutz Multimedia for the largest TV / Film Effects Company in the United States

Restaurant Chain in NYC

Web Design

Web Design for Tropical Restaurant Chain in NYC


Artist Website

Web Design

Awesome website for NYC based Producer and Artist Emi Asta


Fashion Design Drawing

Illustration, Artwork

By Joshua Lutz for Lise Rene Clothing Line

Concert Flyer Design

Graphic Design

Music Moon Event Flyer by Lutz Multimedia

Rock Event Poster

Graphic Design

Designed by Lutz Multimedia for Piano's Bar in Manhattan, NYC

Patches by Lutz Multimedia

Graphic Design

We design embroidery Patches too! Like this awesome one for CMC Motorcycles

Vinyl Sticker Design

Graphic Design

For Clubman Cycles NYC

"Ariel" Drawing


Graphite Pencil Drawing of a vintage Ariel Motorcycle by Joshua Lutz

The "Pantoon"

Illustration, Artwork

Graphite Pencil Drawing by Joshua Lutz of a modified CB450 motorcycle design

The "Primitus"

Artwork, Illustration

This is a drawing of a modified Honda CB350 I designed and then went on to build from the ground up Check out the photos section to see pics of the built bike!

Meal Prep Coupon

Graphic Design

Coupon Designed by Lutz Multimedia for marketing campaign

Product Box Retail Packaging

Graphic Design

We designed this meal prep box packaging and handed it off to a die cutter for the client.

Surfer on Topanga Beach, LA


Shot by Joshua Lutz

Biofactor Fitness

Web Design

Website Design and product photography by Lutz Multimedia


Apricity Brochure

Graphic Design

3 fold brochure design by Lutz Multimedia

Peri Peri Logo

Graphic Design

One of 25 different logo options we supplied Nando's Sister Company "Peri Peri" | Designed by Lutz Multimedia


Brochure Design

Graphic Design

Brochure Designed by Lutz Multimedia for Dr Pet MD



The Joshua Lutz debut solo, self-titled album recorded at Electric Lady Studios and produced by Charlie Stavish of Clocktower Studios


This EP was released by Kake Multimedia and distributed by Paradise Music LLC


Sophomore LP released with Paradise Music. The title reflects a period of loneliness in the over-saturated city of NYC.


Sadness is often a self-inflicted choice. Took me a long time to get that. I created these songs with the intention to denounce my slavery to the demons of solitude.


During Covid I realized very quickly I needed a new way to center, ground and quiet myself. I read a handful of very powerful books about the power we have over our bodies through our minds and thoughts. This sent me down a rabbit hole of “tuning” and healing human energies with soundwaves (similarly to Jimi Hendrix’s electric church project) which then led me to create a series of unique meditation “songs” in using very specific frequencies. To learn more, click the button below. The full kit includes seven audio files and a small E-Book full of tips and mental hacks to center yourself and live your very best life.

Listen to the first 20 minute audio file for free here :

Purchase the exclusive bundle of all seven hi-res meditation audio files with here. These are only available here from this link below. Files will be delivered to your email (please email your purchase confirmation to to expedite delivery).


The following gear is now located at my new 1200 sq/ft recording studio I built from the ground up, located only 15 minutes from Manhattan NYC. The studio has separate entrance with 2 live rooms, a control room, large lounge, full bath and a new 30k gallon, in-ground heated pool with party deck and secret garden to unwind and compose. Click the button below for a visual tour.

I competed many of the following certifications at The Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences in AZ, 2004-2006

conservatory of recording arts and sciences

Pro Tools Certification
Reason Certification
Melodyne Certification
Auto-Tune Certification
Smaart Certification
T.C. Electronic M3000 Certification
T.C. Electronic S6000 Certification
Waves Certification
L-Acoustics Kudo Certification
L-Acoustics Sound Vision Certification
Venue D Show Certification
Studer Vista Certification
Roland V-Mixer

SSL E and G+ Certification

1970 AKG C24 (Iconic Stereo C12 Tube Mic)

Pair of AKG C451EB’s

Elam 251 Multi-pattern Tube Mic

Neumann U47 Cardiod Only Clone

Pair of vintage Neumann KM84’s

Neumann U87

Lomo KMKE9 Tube Mic with AEG mod and original CKBK  capsule

AEA 44 Long Ribbon Mic

Beyerdynamic M160

Beyerdynamic M130

Beyerdynamic M201

Sony C-38B Multi-pattern FET


EAG D12 Pair

Wetzel Liepzig 08 (Early Nuemann UM57 Tube Mic)

Reslo RBT Ribbon Mics x4

Altec 654A Dynamic Mics x6

Electrovoice ND408B x2

Sennheiser MD-441 Supercardiod

Pair of Shure SM81 Small Diagram Mics

Shure SM7B

Shure Beta87

Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina Pair

Rode NT1A (World’s Quietest Mic Ever Built)

Octava MK-012 Michael Joly modified (x2)

Octava MA78 x2

Audio Technica AT4045

Audio Technica 4047MP

Electrovoice 630

Modified MXL 900(x2) 991(x2) 663 (x1)

Sm57s & 58s (and other assorted dynamics)

Assorted Drum mics

1989 Neve 33609C Buss Compressor

Teletronics UA LA-2A

Stereo Grinder Pultec Eq

Stereo Tube-Tech CL2A Compressor

Pair of Modified CBS Audimax & Stereo Volumax Compressors

Racked Channel Strips from Studer, Quad Eight, Neumann, Telefunken Neve, Otari, BAEG, Lomo and more. This rack is called the “Crayon Box.”

Pair of UA Blue Stripe 1176’s

Dozens of racked synth modules such as Prophet 12, Prophet, Oberheim, Waldorf, etc

Two 500 series lunchboxes with Moog ladderfilter, API 512C’s, Neve 1073 preamp and EQ pairs, SSL pre pair, etc

Pair of RS124 Modified Altec 436C’s strapped to the 2-buss

Pair of Modified Altec 5891A’s

Upgraded Universal Audio 6176

Universal Audio Apollo x16

Neaumann Summing Mixer

Restored and Modified Gates Dynamote Mic Pre (x2: 1950 and 1957)

Dolby 361a Vocalstressor

Pultec EQP5 Passive EQ’s (x2) – 500 series

Eventide DSP4000

Oberheim Matrix1000

Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor (x2)

SSL 4000 Buss Compressor

UREI LA-22 Buss Compressor

Roland Tape Space Echo RE-301

Vintage Binson Echorec 2T7E

Maestro Echoplex EP-3

Ampex 601 Mic Pre (modified w/phantom power) x4

Lexicon PCM80

Eventide DSP4000

Eventide H9 Max

Ensoniq DP/4

Modified and Restored Vintage Collins Field Mixer

Gates MO-3777 modified with phantom power

DBX 162 Compressor

Dangerous Music Bax EQ

Urei 546 Stereo EQ

Chandler EMI TG1

RSE VMU-1 Mastering Compressor

Opamp Labs Mono Tilt Limiter EQ

Oberheim GM1000

1972 Aims tube guitar cabinet (16 tube head 100 watt RMS) 4×10’s

1975 Silverpanel Fender Twin

1979 Fender Twin Blackpanel

Ampeg BA-112 bass cab

1968 Ampeg B15 Fliptop

Vintage Magnatone (Stereo Version!)

Harmony H303 with upgraded 8″ Jensen Vintage speaker

Vintage Roland Re-301 Space Echo

2 Full PA rehearsal PA systems

Assorted rehearsal amps

Over 100 boutique guitar and bass pedals including Mutrons, all the Strymons and Eventides, vintage EHX big bodies, a Klon, Ambelec 2B, etc (too many to list…)

I am also a pedal builder and have a line of pedals I make and sell on HERE.

UAD EMT Plates

WAVS Manny Marroquin & Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series

WAVS Gold Bundle

WAVS S1 Stereo Imager

1176LN and SE Legacy Classic Limiting Amplifiers
Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder
Fairchild Plug-In Bundle for UAD-2
Precision Enhancer Hz and Precision Mix Rack Collection
Pultec EQP-1A Legacy and Pultec Pro EQ Legacy
RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler Reverb
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Softube Amp Room Half-Stack Plug-In for UAD-2
Softube Bass Amp Room 8×10 Plug-In for UAD-2
Teletronix® LA-2A Legacy Classic Leveling Amplifier
Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection
UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ Plug-In for UAD-2


1967 MARTIN D-18

Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul

Klira Jazzmaster

Gibson ES335 Cherry

Hofner Bass

1890 HC Barnes OO Parlor Guitar

2010 Modified White American Stratocaster Deluxe

1956 Danelectro U2 Electric Guitar

Custom Blonde Fender American Telecaster

Gretsch G5422TG White Falcon

Gretsch 5022CWFE WH Whitecrest Acoustic with Fishman

1959 Patrician F-Hole hollow body

Regal Resonator Guitar

1963 Fender Reissue Natural Blonde Precision Bass

Yamaha CG100A Classical Guitar


1921 Gibson A1 Mandolin

R.W. Jameson Banjo

10 String Lyre (King Davids Harp)

Vintage Slide Guitar (lapsteel)

MU-70 Mitchell Ukulele

Seagull Mahogany SG Merlin

DunHuang SMPH Chinese Ehru


Gilanti full size accordian, Massive collection of percussion / instruments such as Kalimbas, Ehru, Accordions, Zithers, Bongos, Guerros etc.











Yamaha TX7 (The desktop DX7)


JML-20 (My Hand Built MS-20)

SOLTON TS4K and MS40 Expander



1973 Fender Rhodes with Vintage Vibe stereo Preamp

1960’s restored Vox Continental Organ

Vintage Wurlitzer 200 with Retro Linear Preamp

Roland DS61 61 key piano

Leslie rotary cabinet



Lou Diamond Philips and Joshua Lutz working together on set

Joshua Lutz has been working on both sides of the screen for over 25 years. From acting and modeling with many agencies to film scoring and pilot production. In 2021 Joshua completed a 2 year commercial recording studio build where he and his team score film, create radio / TV commercial jingles, VO, OD, web content, podcasts and more.


Many more examples available upon request. We do everything from the animation, Photoshop design, illustration and motion graphics all in-house.

Joshua Lutz and Lutz Multimedia provides the very best in web design, graphic design, audio engineering, audio production, music licensing, Illustration, vector images, image rendering, image repair, website design, website development, web designs, web dev, app dev, app development, app building, app making, app construction, web building, web design, web site construction and more. Call Lutz Media for the best in web design. Serving New Jersey, New York and NYC areas.


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Direct contact:

Email Me Directly

Call / Txt   212.444.8894

Lutz Multimedia LLC is a top tier creative studio specializing in ultra high end visual and audio content design & production.

Check out our new poolside 1200 sqft commercial recording studio, 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan NYC – Click the logo to learn more:

ssl certificate

Latest Sounds



Also available in DIY Zine format upon request. Sign up below and we’ll occasionally send you some pretty rad blogs related to art, music, design and audio engineering.


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