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Website Services

Lutz Multimedia has been building amazing websites since 1994. We stay up to date with best practices and provide the most cutting edge responsive designs available today. We currently are the second highest rated web design company in the New York City area, beating out the largest agencies in Manhattan. To show you just how amazing your new website can be, click below for the full blown tour!

Creative Design

When it comes to visual design, there IS in fact a secret ingredient. Hiring a true artist who happens to have studied the technology behind successful design. This is your ace in the hole. Your unique advantage is to hire the most creative guy in the room... in any room, anywhere. The Lutz Media creative team are the Marvel Avengers of the design world.

Marketing and Branding

On Friday nights we are home studying marketing strategies for fun. Great brand marketing seamlessly links your identity, values, and personality to your audience with maximum campaign ROI. Marketing is the bridge between your product or services and your customers, so you need a company who knows the ropes and has been doing this long enough to guarantee exponential success... like us!

Photo and Video

From shooting our clients product photography fpr theoir new web site to Weddings, Food and pets, we do it all. We own the highest end camera and lighting equipment available. No mater what Photo or Video service you need, we can provide edited or unedited media delivery of any kind. We also own a photo studio 20 minutes from Manhattan where we can shoot and edit in house. We even provide title sequences, lower third graphics and editing that rival any major agency, all in-house!

Audio Production

In 2020 Joshua Lutz bought a 1200 sqft commercial space 20 minutes from Manhattan NYC's Port Authority and completed the build of a 4 room commercial recording studio / production studio in July 2021. We now can provide top tier Audio Engineering, Publishing, Film Scoring and everything in between. Lutz Multimedia and our network of producers are a one stop shop for the very best audio solutions available. Call today to discuss your project.

App Development

Your customized app reflects your unique business and displays your most important info. It’s your most valuable line of communication to your customers, showcasing your product catalog or menu. Multi-location info and navigation are prime real estate for personalized offers! Our app wallets provide a variety of mobile payment options and our digital rewards features like virtual scratch off coupons are savings in customers’ pocket. Our apps are easy to manage with your control panel too.

Want to see some great examples of our work? Check out the portfolio page:

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