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Salt Zine Is Back with Three New Issues!

salt zine

I caught up with Joshua Lutz and discussed his new masterpieces for our blog this week. This was easy because I am Joshua Lutz. He was very friendly and bought me an ice cream. He even knew my favorite flavor without asking! I love that guy. He took me home and played video games till 2AM. It’s a bromance made in Zine heaven I tells ya.

Here are a few excerpts from his new zine he gave me. Take a sneak peek for yourself and click the button below to place and order for a physical copy. On behalf of Josh and I, thank you for stopping by. Gotta go, Josh is taking me out for Tai. Oh my gosh, my favorite!

Salt Zine is a wildly creative independent DIY zine from NYC by multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist JML (that’s me!)  Salt Zine has a little bit of everything for everyone. We love music, art, love, peace, joy, justice, punk rock, hip hop, jazz and people. We also love to hear from our readers and even include submitted content! At least we would but no one has ever submitted anything. In fact, we’ve asked all our friends to submit works and no one has the balls to do it. Do you? Josh did! Man he’s a nice guy.

Welp, there you have it ladies and genitals, the greatest zine ever created on God’s green earth. That’s not arrogant, it’s a quote from Josh himself. The one and only amazing, incredible, one man show, JML! How does he do it? With your support! That’s how.

Click below to support Salt Zine and get your own copy today.

Disclaimer: Lutz Multimedia does not condone stupidity, arrogance, narcissistic rhetoric or shameless self-promotion. To help us combat these scourges that plague our great nation, we ask that you click the button below and donate to the greatest living artist of our time, me. Just kidding 😉 But seriously, buy a zine.

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