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Beauty and Bauhaus In A Circle – Artistic Trends Recycled Centennially

A discovery of centennial proportions!

Hi there, it’s me. Bauhaus Design! You know me. Don’t act like you don’t know me. You once loved me. You were dapper and I was your flapper in 1920, don’t you remember me?

You all know and have loved Bauhaus design at one point. We’ve all seen it. A design that is intrinsically design itself. Architecture, striking flowing lines of grace, elegance and simplicity. The original Bauhaus was actually a German art school operational from 1919 to 1933 that combined crafts and the fine arts. The school became famous for its approach to design, which attempted to unify the principles of mass production with individual artistic vision and strove to combine aesthetics (check out my recent post on this!) with everyday function.


Exactly 100 years later we find ourselves drenched in Bahaus again.

Bauhaus wasn’t just design, it was furniture, painting, architecture, a new typography subset, and finally, a movement of the people. 1919 was the start and a few years back, just 100 years later, 2019 marked the centenary of the Bauhaus school of design. However, in 2021 the world of design unanimously declared Bauhaus the new leading trend in 2021 design aesthetic. Not because they say so, mind you, but because WE did. I immediately recognized the Bauhaus movement that had been happening around me for the last 24-48 months. I could sense it. Feel it, taste it in the air…


And so it came back again. Musicians were using it for album art and online media. Advertising was drenched in Bauhaus and touting it as today’s modern. Yet 100 years ago, this style was RE-emerging once again from the minds of each artists forefathers! Low and behold, this style can be traced back thousands of years onto cave walls with soot and clay. and through the millenniums.



Humankind in general doesn’t want to necessarily see or hear something new, because new scares and confuses people. They want to be comfortable and enjoy that which is familiar. Essentially, they want to “tune in” and hear what the collective has been polishing. Something they recognize yet have never heard before. This is the key to aesthetic brilliance and pure magic. This is what I seek, day to day, hour by hour. To do something for the first time. To feel what that feels like.


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