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Living Your Very Best Life – Staying True & Real In A World Of Illusions

live your best life

To many people, depression is a systemic demon born from self loathing ad regret. Most people are frustrated that they cannot control the parts of their lives they detest. Here’s a fantastic Stanford University life hack on how to break that cycle and kill the demon within for good. You got this.


We are literally defined by our habits, good or bad. They dictate when we typically wake up, whom we talk to, where we get our news and information, what we eat and how we live.

  • Why it matters: Habits have the power to change our lives, but they can also be quite difficult to make — and even harder to break.

The big picture: There are a slew of ways we go wrong when trying to establish a new habit or ditch an old one.

  • “If you want to change your behavior, you can do it,” says BJ Fogg, a Stanford psychologist. “But the best way to do it is not willpower, and it is not discipline.”
  • “Instead, you design good habits into your life and you design bad habits out of your life.”

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1. Be specific. Too many of us get lost in abstractions, Fogg says. We vaguely proclaim we want to exercise more or eat better, but we don’t set real goals, making it easy to blow it all off. Figure out exactly what exercise you want to do or how you want to eat better.

2. Start small. Social media tricks us into thinking that, with lifestyle changes, we need to go big or go home. But setting goals that are too big can quickly lead to failure, Fogg says. He believes in “tiny habits.” If you want to be healthier, for example, try adding in a short walk or skipping soda with dinner to start.

3. Redesign your life. One of the best ways to start doing something is to make it exceptionally easy to do. If you want to begin your day with a workout, try putting your clothes and shoes right next to your bed.

  • You can even fold new habits into existing ones, the New York Times notes. If you want to practice mindfulness, meditate while you’re doing something you already do, like waiting for your morning coffee to finish brewing.
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4. Do it daily. In one study, people who repeated something daily or almost daily turned that thing into a habit in a median of 66 days. It doesn’t really matter how much you do every day as long as you do it every day, Fogg notes.

5. Celebrate! It’s the feeling of success you get from accomplishing something that fuels you and motivates you to turn that thing into a habit.

6. Praise & Gratitude. It’s no secret that projecting gratitude can change your life. Science shows us that negative thinking and anger releases cortisol, which literally kills your body. Being a negative person is quite literally like committing a slow suicide with horribly damaging physiological consequences. Negative thinking leads to increased heart rate, cardiovascular problems, breathing difficulties and high blood pressure. Having gratitude not only aligns your body’s energy, it heals our organs and also makes you a better person, one others want to be around.

7. Owning your crap. Blaming others is the way of a child. Pointing fingers at everyone else for your problems is about the clearest sign of immaturity and imbalance as there are. Of course your problems are your own. If you think they’re someone else’s fault, you’ll never be able to fix your life or help those around you. You can either be your own worst enemy or your own rescuer. To thine own self be true!

8. Breathe. Incredibly underrated. Navy Seals have a technique that changed my life. After sneaking into enemy territory, it’s easy for a Navy Seal to panic or become frightened for their life. Here’s the 4 second body hack to calm yourself instantly: First, sit or lay down; get off your feet. Next, inhale for 4 seconds (picture a circle expanding). Lastly, hold air in your lungs for 4 seconds (while the circle is expanded). Repeat. Booyah. Calm.

9. Speak To Your Creator. He/She/It wants to hear from you. Therapists teach us that speaking to someone helps us work out our true feelings and who better than God to listen? While you may strongly disagree with this one, I want to encourage you to get in touch with your spiritual side. Remember, it is unfair to judge the Creator by his creation. People will never stop letting you down so disconnect your view of God from people like Christians and organized religion if you must. Fathers ache for their children’s well being and happiness.

10. Take a day of rest. According to modern science, A person should take a full rest day every 7–10 days or as needed to help the body and mind recover. A rest day can be an active day that incorporates gentle exercises such as walking or yoga. Alternatively, a person may opt for a full day of relaxation. You not only deserve it, your body requires it.

You got this!

Lutz Multimedia is not only about creativity. We are just as concerned about the intentions, motivations and inspirations behind your creativity. Your creative output is defined by your core values, inspiration and belief systems. Without integrity, unique advantage and a strong moral compass, it is invariably true that your fruitions will continue to suffer. You can be better than you are today and that’s just awesome.

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