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Will AI Ever Replace or Exceed The Creative Human Spark Of The Artist?

artificial intelligence blog post

More and more, my colleagues in the field of art and music have been revealing distress and fear over the emergence of AI. As I write this, there is zero scripted TV programming because of the national writers strike. However, I remain unflinching and optimistic about the rise of AI in the world of art and music. I embrace all technology as a potential tool of exponential growth. I am yet to see technology that isn’t a useful tool. In the 80’s the older generation of audio engineers that resisted digital audio workstations drowned in the pools of their own fears. In the 90’s there was a huge push against sampling. In the 2000’s it was a battle against plugins vs analog outboard. Today it’s softsynth vs analog and the war rages on. However, at 43 years of age I’ve used them all and enjoyed every minute. I’m yet to find a technology I dislike completely.

Just a few short years ago, scientists decoded God’s blueprint for life and cloned a cat from scratch (which died in 2020 by the way) using God’s code. AI is actively pursuing the decoding and reverse engineering of the artists “spark.” I call it the spark because it is a word that aptly describes the innate and indescribable power of human consciousness. This is the key to unlocking AI’s true potential… and the potential outmoding of the true artist… GASP!

The potential of AI to replicate the intricate nuances of human creativity, including the ability to create music with the same depth and emotional resonance, is a subject of ongoing research and speculation. While AI has made impressive progress in various creative domains, there are certain aspects of human creativity that are deeply rooted in subjective experiences, emotions, and consciousness, which currently remain unique to human beings.

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Replicating the entirety of human creativity, including the intangible qualities that make music profound and deeply moving, is a complex challenge that extends beyond technical capabilities. It involves capturing the essence of human expression, interpretation, and the intricate interplay of emotions, cultural influences, and personal experiences. Let’s also not forget that AI cannot do ANYTHING without human input at the rate of about 20/80 as of the time this article was written. All art created with AI had human creative input before AI could do anything.

AI is even optimistic about human creativity stating that while AI has shown the ability to mimic and generate music that is stylistically similar to human-created music, achieving the same level of creativity, originality, and profound depth remains a significant hurdle. It’s difficult to predict with certainty whether AI will eventually replicate these aspects of human creativity.

However, it’s worth noting that AI has the potential to complement and enhance human creativity rather than replace it entirely. Many artists and musicians are embracing AI as a tool for inspiration, collaboration, and experimentation, finding new possibilities for creative expression while maintaining their unique perspective and artistic vision. The relationship between AI and creativity is evolving, and it is likely that we will continue to witness exciting developments in the intersection of AI and music.


While AI can generate music that is impressive and even indistinguishable from human-created music in some cases, the true essence of artistic expression and the ability to create profoundly deep and meaningful music is deeply intertwined with human consciousness and the human condition.

While AI-generated music can be a valuable tool and source of inspiration, many artists and musicians believe that the human touch, interpretation, and intention behind the music will always remain vital and irreplaceable. But will it last?

It’s important for artists to embrace new technologies, experiment, and find ways to integrate them into their creative process. By leveraging AI as a collaborator and tool rather than a replacement, musicians can explore new avenues of creativity while preserving the essence of their unique artistic vision.

artificial intelligence blog post


In the end, as of 2023 I truly believe that AI is still currently just a search engine with a fancy UI and the aptitude for human sounding linguistic acrobatics. OpenAI is no smarter than Google’s servers, it just speaks as if it is. Make no mistake, it is not. In fact, Google has already implemented AI in it’s search query results! The first half of this article was written freehand by myself. The second half (the last seven paragraphs) was AI’s response to an interview I conducted with the AI at ChatGPT about the AI dangers of the artists faces. I would say I agree with most of what it said though I do think it is only matter of a few decades until AI can “decode” the spark, life experiences, consciousness and variances therein and replicate true art. While I may not live long enough to see it, it is clearly only a matter of time. Just as we can clone living matter, so too will AI quantify the spark and clone the spirit of the bard and the songwriter. Then what? Well that’s another blog post altogether, isn’t it. Just remember, fear is always the most derailing energy of approach. Approach AI without fear or judgment and see for yourself what AI can do for you!

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