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LMM Ultimate Drum Machine Sample Library – Vol 1, 2 and 3 Now Available!

drum sample library


I realized that no one was selling the kind of Analog Drum Machine Sample Library I wanted to buy. A library with all the classic analog drum machines used by the worlds biggest stars such as the Linn Drums, the Roland 808 and the Korg MS-20. Single sample packs of each drum machine are floating around out there but they are overpriced and poorly recorded so I set out to make my own centralized collection for my commercial recording studio at JML Recording Studios. I compiled over 7,000 organized premium audio files in high resolution WAV format, alphabetically organized in simple folders so you can easily drag and drop them right into any sequencer, modern digital drum machine or software based system. It doesn’t get any better than this collection right here. These are not digital recreations, these are sampled analog original vintage drum machines that have been perfectly tuned, calibrated and sampled just for you.

These hand sampled drum machines took over ten years to complete by JML Recording Studios in NYC, just for you. There exists no other drum machine sample library on earth as complete, easy to use and downright legendary. This is a thorough collection of the greatest drum machines ever made and no filler. Get the sounds of every great recording you’ve ever loved, all in one place! Only our LMM Drum Sample libraries contain the best of the best in high-res glory. While sellers on eBay sell cheap collections of cheap digital machines in mp3 format, (really y’all… a Roland SPD percussion pad sample library??) we have all the classics in one place, for sale right here today.

No more spending $20-$50 on some crap library you never end up using because it stinks. No more clogging up hardrive space with obscure drums you’ll never use either. This is all you’ll ever need to inspire a lifetime of killer loops, songs and beats.

We get you. The internet is flooded with drum junk, we know. A veritable sea of useless waveforms no one really wants or needs… yet they are out there, mucking up your hard drives and slowing down your creative process. So let’s get back to the classics, shall we?

Are you tired of endless sample libraries of seemingly obscure and useless drum machines that you simply have no use for in a professional studio environment? Don’t want to spend $2-4K on a vintage unit that needs to be recapped, calibrated and maintained? We get you there too. Why clog up your hard drive space with thousands of wav files you’re never going to use just to find one or two useful samples? Your search for the drum machine gold mine has led you here. The ultimate sample library collections. Finally, someone has curated a concise, 800MB hi-res sample library of 7,223 files of analog drum bliss for the professional producer and sound designer -> you.

What does it contain?

All three volumes of our top selling sample libraries, centralized in one listing, for one low price. Each library retails at $189 but this summer we are selling the entire three volume library for only $299!

Simple and easy to use WAV files, organized intuitively in simple folders as shown in the images. Want Michael Jackson or Prince’s Linn drums? Just drag and drop the Wav files into your favorite sequencer, software, desktop drum machine or sampler and GO. It’s that easy. No more digging through bajillions of crappy lo-fi drum sounds that have no real world application. Only the very best drum machines of all time, in high res WAV format, organized alphabetically for you in one place.

Iconic drums like the Roland 808 and 909, Linn LM Drums, and more. Analog Drum Samples from the greats like Alesis, Boss, Moog, EMU, Ensoniq, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, Hammond, Kawai, Korg, Kurzweil, Maestro, Dave Smith, Proteus, EKO, Univox, Concertmate, Roland, Casio, Simmons, Vermona, Vox, Watford, Wersi and more!



Hohner Rhythm 80

• Jomox Xbase-09

• Kawai R50

• KawaiR100

• Kawai XD5

• Korg DDD1

• Korg DDD5

• Korg DDM110

• Korg DDM220

• Korg KPR77

• Korg M1

• Korg Minipops

• Korg MP7

• Korg MS-20

• Korg Pro-Wave

• Korg prophecy

• Korg Rhyth-55

• Korg SR-120

• Korg T1

• Korg x5

• Kurzweil K2000 ROM

• Lei UDS

• Leloops

• Linn Drum LM1

• Linn Drum LM2

• Linn Linn-9000

• Linn LinnDrum

• Luxor Passet

• Maestro Rhythm King

• Maestro Rhythm MRQ-1


• Melosonic

• Mercure

• MFB-512

• Moog Mg-1

• MultiMoog

   MXR Computer Rhythm 185


• Novation Drumstation

• Oberheim Dmx

• Oberheim DX

• Oberheim Matrix 1 000

• Procussion

• Proteus

• Quasimidi 309

• Roland CR78

• Roland CR 1000

• Roland CR8000

• Roland D10

• Roland D70

• Roland DDR30

• Roland F30

• Roland JD-990

• Roland JD800

• Roland Juno 106

• Roland JV 1 080

• Roland JV80

• Roland JX3P

• Roland MC-202

• Roland MC09

• Acetone Rhythm Ace

• Acetone Rhythm King

• Acetone Rhythm Master

• AJK Percusyn

• Akai MPC60

• Akai MPC2000


• AkaiXR1

• Akai XR10

• Alesis D4fx

• Alesis DM5

• Alesis Hr16

• Ales is Sr1 6

• Boss Dr Rhythm110

• Boss DR-55

• Boss DR-70

• Boss DR-110

• Boss DR-202

• Boss DR-550

• Boss DR-550 Mkll

• Boss DR-660

Suchla Modular System 200

Roland Tr-808

• Casio MT-18

• Casio MT-100

• Casio MT-500

• Casio MT-800

• Casio PT-1

• Casio PT-30

• Casio PT-68

• Casio PT-82

• Casio Rapman

• Casio RZ-1

• Casio RZ1

• Casio Sk-1

• Casio VL-1

• CheetahMD16

• Coron Drum Synce DS- 7

• Deepsky

• DPM-48

• EKO Rhythm Box

• Electro Harmonix Drm15

• Electro Harmonix Drm32

   Electro-Harmonix Spacedrum

   Watford Electronic Drumbox


• Emu Drumulator

• EMU E-drum

• Emu Modular

• Emu Sp12

• Ensoniq Asr-x

• Fairlight llx

• Farfisa

• Fricke MFB 502

• Fricke MFB 512

• Gulbransen

• Hammond Autovari 64

• Hammond Rhythm

• Hohner Automatic

• Hohner Rhythm 80

• Roland MC303

• Roland MT32

   Roland PB-30

   Rhythm Plus

   Roland TD-10

   Roland R-5

• Roland R-8

• Roland S-50

• Roland SC-88

• Roland SH-09

• Roland Sh-101

• Roland System-1 00

• Roland TD- 7

• Roland TD-10

• Roland TR-33

• Roland TR-55

• Roland TR-66

• Roland TR- 77

• Roland TR-505

• Roland Tr-606

• Roland Tr-626

• Roland Tr-707

• Roland Tr-727

• Roland Tr-909

• Roland TR-909 Bass Drums

   Simmons SD-8

• Ruby Orla

• Sakata Dpm48

• Sequential Circuits Drumtrax

   Sound Master Rhythm SR-88

• Sequential Circuits Tom

• Serge Modular

• Siel MPD-40

• Simmons Clap


• Simmons SD-8

• Simmons SDS5

• Senor Mini Mammut

• Sound Master Rhythm SR-88

   Wersi WM 24

• Suzuki RPM-40

• Univox Micro-Rhythmer 12


• Vermona Drum

• Vermona ER-9

• Virtual MPC Electronics

• Visco Space

• Vex Drumbox

• Wersi WM 24

   Wurlitzer Swinging Rhythm

    Yamaha PSR

• XE8

• Yamaha CS5

• Yamaha EL605

• Yamaha EM90

• Yamaha EX7

• Yamaha Mr-1 O

• Yamaha MR10

• Yamaha PS-55

• Yamaha PSR

• Yamaha RX

• Yamaha RX 21

• Yamaha RX-5

• Yamaha RX- 7

• Roland System-1 00

• Roland TD- 7

• Roland TR-33

• Roland TR-55

• Roland TR-66

• Roland TR- 77

• Roland TR-505

• Roland Tr-606

• Roland Tr-626

• Roland Tr-707

• Roland Tr-727

• Roland Tr-808

• Roland Tr-909

• Roland TR-909 Bass Drums

• Ruby Orla

• Sakata Dpm48

• Sequential Ci…its Drumtrax

• Sequential Circuits Tom

• Serge Modular

• Siel MPD-40

• Simmons Clap

   Simmons SD-5

   Simmons DS-8

• Simmons SDS5

• Senor Mini Mammut

• Suzuki RPM-40

• Univox Micro-Rhythmer 1 & 2

• Vermona Drum

• Vermona ER-9

• Virtual MPC Electronics

• Visco Space

• Vex Drumbox

• Watford Electronic Drumbox

• Wurlitzer Swinging Rhythm

• Yamaha CS5

• Yamaha EL605

• Yamaha EM90

• Yamaha EX7

• Yamaha Mr-1 O

• Yamaha PS-55

• Yamaha RX

• Yamaha RX 21

• Yamaha RX-5

• Yamaha RX- 7

• Yamaha RX-11

• Yamaha RX5

• Yamaha RX11

• Yamaha RX21

• Yamaha RX21 L

• Yamaha RY10

• Yamaha RY30

• Yamaha Sy35

   Yamaha Tg33

   Yamaha PSR

   Yamaha MR 10

Thanks for checking out this incredible new resource for musicians, producers and engineers everywhere. Let us know if you have any questions.

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